Nest, D├╝bendorf, 2010-2016
Research Building and Guesthouse for the EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)

NEST is a dynamic, modular research and demonstration platform for advanced and innovative building technologies in the heart of the Empa/Eawag campus. Used as an academic guest house and experimental office space, it will serve as a ┬źLiving Lab for Sustainable Construction┬╗ that allows novel materials, components and innovative systems to be developed, demonstrated and optimized under real-world conditions.
NEST consists of a central ┬źbackbone┬╗ for the load-bearing structure and for access to services and media and a basic grid for the accommodation of about 50 exchangeable living and office units. Due to its highly flexible design which allows for the exchange of complete living/working units or even entire floors in a ┬źplug-and-play┬╗ mode, NEST will constantly change face and tackle the ┬źhot┬╗ topics of the time.

Gramazio Kohler Architects, Zurich

Client: Empa - Materials Science & Technology, D├╝bendorf
Collaborators: Philipp H├╝bner, Claudia Kuhn, Sarah Schneider (project lead), Julian Gatterer, Matthias Helmreich, Kathrin Hiebler, Marco Jacomella, Panagiota Michailidou, J├╝rgen Pauger, Marion Ott, Sebastian Pajakowski, Poltak Pandjaitan, Henning Proske, Christian Schwarzwimmer, Miriam Zehnder, Basile Diem